Aneurin "Anny" Barker Snook

I am a freelance web developer and algorave musician.


I have performed my music live at:

  1. Euler Room 3 @ Access Space, Sheffield, June 2016

  2. Leeds Algorave @ ODI Leeds, April 2016

  3. London Algorave @ Power Lunches, London, December 2015

  4. Manchester Algorave @ Texture, Manchester, November 2015

  5. Brighton Algorave @ The Loft, Brighton, July 2014

I release my music on Bandcamp, SoundCloud, and Bitbucket, mostly for free:

  1. Piston LP, November 2015

  2. Battery 1,2,3 (Live EP), July 2014

  3. Pig's Nose EP, April 2014

Older tunes are also available on my SoundCloud and Bitbucket profiles.

My music has also been featured in mixes:

  1. Fluxograma#32: Control your Algorithm by Renick Bell

I am currently working on new material and learning more about TidalCycles in the process. I am keen to do more live performances; please get in touch if you are interested.


Email is best, but you can reach me a bunch of ways: